There are a few different ways in which you can use Facebook as a place where you can offer and sell your products. However, most people are looking for answers related to one simple question – how to sell on Facebook using Shopify. This is quite logical because they know that it is possible to use the most popular eCommerce platform for selling goods on the most popular social media platform.

The good thing is that this process is not very difficult. First of all, you should know that it’s possible to showcase your Shopify products directly on the Facebook page you are administrating with the help of the Facebook sales channel. So, once you create a Facebook sales channel, Facebook will reveal a Shop section on the page where you can highlight your Shopify products. Every user is free to make changes to reviews sales, products and fulfill orders in their Shopify admin panel. Regardless of the Shopify plan you’ve selected, you will find the Facebook sales channel.

If you want to sell things on Facebook with Shopify, you have to meet a few conditions. First of all, the store you want to launch must list legal products for sale in a Facebook-supported currency. Facebook supports over 100 currencies which mean that this should not be a problem for most users. Next, you must admin a Facebook page which relies on a Shopping template. Of course, the Facebook page where you want to sell Shopify products must be published.

If you are sure that your store meets these conditions, you can proceed with the created of the Facebook sales channel and linking it to the Facebook account. Keep in mind that Facebook reviews every store application manually. The process of adding the Facebook sales channel is straightforward.
For starters, go to the Shopify admin panel and use the Plus button located next to the Sales channels heading. Select Facebook on the add sales channel dialog box. Use the Add channel button. After that, you should connect your Facebook account that you want to link to your products.

Overall, this is a straightforward process that even people with no experience in this area should be able to finish without any hassles. We don’t have to write a lot about the business opportunities that a Shopify integration with Facebook would bring to any online business.

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