Launching a small business has never been this easy. While previously selling products to consumers meant heavy investment in brick and mortar stores, now you can do it all without a physical location. How so? Well, you can do so via Ecommerce stores. There are various Ecommerce platforms that allow you to sell items online.

Even if you don’t want to invest in an Ecommerce platform, there are still ways you can get your products across to the masses. This can be done via Facebook!

Facebook is not just a social media platform anymore. It is home to billions of users. This makes it a lucrative platform for businesses to target customers. If you wish to sell products online, you can easily do it through Facebook.

Here are four ways you can use Facebook for your entrepreneurial journey.

1.    Facebook groups

You can view Facebook groups to be an online garage sale. It is an excellent example of p2p selling. Whether you are a business or a one-man show, you can add yourself to local groups where you feel that your target market will be present. You can then by posting about your products. Customers who are interested in it will approach you through messages or comments. This is a very informal way of selling via Facebook. It is great to gauge the attractiveness of your product.

2.    Facebook store

Did you know that now you can set a store on Facebook as well? You can integrate your Facebook business page with your Shopify store. Via this, potential customers can view and buy items on Facebook without being directed to your Shopify store or your website. Generally, Facebook users don’t like being redirected to other websites. Hence, this solution is bound to be appreciated by shoppers.

3.    Facebook ads

You might have seen sponsored content being featured on your newsfeed. All of these are ads. Once you pay the price, you can use Facebook ads to increase your website click-through rate, and conversion rate. Your ad can be as simple as merely introducing your business. Or, you can offer claims whereby are instructed to visit your website or use a token within a specified number of days to claim the offer. The best thing about Facebook ads is that they can be heavily targeted to ensure that only the right people see it.


Sell your product through Facebook via either of these methods. Make good use of the platform.

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